How Does the system Work

  1. You put the updates in your cart and select a username/password for your account on checkout
  2. You submit your order and then you will receive an email with the activation link to activate your account (this step can be skipped if you finalize the payments for your order)
  3. You will be then redirected to CCBill to finalize the payments and once the system receives the confirmation from CCBill it will activate your order and account
  4. Access your downloads by clicking on the "Download Store -> My Downloads" menu and login with the username/password you choose step 1.
  5. Click on any order you placed and has been activated and start downloading the files.

* you can leave the payment finalization for a later date if you want as in "My Downloads" area you will see pending orders and will be able to finalize them in a later date too.

If you have any further question/comments please don't hesitate to write us at wetlookadventure[at]mail[dot]ru.